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.אינק מי בייבי הוא סטודיו מקצועי הממוקם בלב שכונת פלורנטין בתל אביב
  הסטודיו שם  דגש על הסטנדרטים הגבוהים ביותר בתחום כדי לתת לך את

.החוויה והשירות על הצד המקצועי והטוב  ביותר

מעבודות גאומטריות ועד עבודות צבע, צוות המקעקעים  שלנו מורכב מאומנים

,המתמחים כל אחד בסגנונו הייחודי 

.מה שמאפשר לנו להתאים לך את המקעקע הנכון ביותר ליצירת הקעקוע שלך 
אצלנו בסטודיו משתמשים בציוד האיכותי והמתקדם ביותר שקיים כיום כדי  להבטיח תוצאה מירבית ואיכות ללא פשרות

(:   אנחנו מזמנים אותך להתרשם ולהנות  מהאומנות , החוויה והאנשים



The Finest Tattoos in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Ink  Me Baby Tattoo studio is located at the heart of Florentine neighborhood , TLV .

The studio was established in 2014 by the artist Nitsan Koala that began with a simple idea: to empower everyday women and men with the ability to express themselves and feel confident trough the Art & Ink.

Our agenda is creativity above all, as each and every one of our artists have their own unique style . 


From geometric black works to mega colors , we have the artist  for you . 

A great tattoo always starts with a great idea and than it needs a professional for creative design and artistic touch. The idea is yours , the creativity is our part . 

The process of getting inked always starts with a free of charge consultation meeting, where you develop your idea together with the artist who fits the most to the style of work . 


We see tattoos as a decoration of the body , We believe that every tattoo should have their own unique look and flow , as every design is made with a lot of thought , just because we love what we do . 

Our artists create only original custom made designs  - we do Not copy other artists work neither work with catalogs. 

A bit about our artists and crew  ...

Nitsan Koala - Neo traditional & Abstract 

Yair Assaraf - Geometric & lines

Michal Rubin - Whips & Colors 

Inbal Roffe - Water colors & Minimalistic  

Eddie Ditinsky - Black & Lines 

Ink Me Baby studio is proud to host top of the line tattoo guest artists from around the globe in order to expand the cultural horizons of the tattoo scene .

We are always happy to have new talents , so if you are a gifted tattoo artist with a unique style , no drama and good vibes feel free to contact us by :inkmebabyt@gmail.com


By law of Israel , Ink Me Baby Tattoo studio is authorized by the health ministry.

We work with the Top professional high equipment and gear and our Ink is Animal Friendly <3

Please notice that we accept clients from 18+

                                                                                     NICE TO INK YOU :)

Working on the groovey thing _pink.bunny
Working on the groovey thing _pink.bunny
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Our resident and owner _nitsankoala
Our resident and owner _nitsankoala
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guest artist _tat2szabi  at our studio _inkmebabyt _tattoosdotcom _amazingtattoos0 _tattoo_art_world
guest artist _tat2szabi at our studio _inkmebabyt _tattoosdotcom _amazingtattoos0 _tattoo_art_world
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The legendary _yair_assaraf not only surfer and tattoo artist but also the ambassador of _trash_tlv
The legendary _yair_assaraf not only surfer and tattoo artist but also the ambassador of _trash_tlv
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Introducing _eddiedit 😎_Wanna get Inked by this Kik-Ass dude_ PM us
Introducing _eddiedit 😎_Wanna get Inked by this Kik-Ass dude_ PM us
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Tattoo Sketches
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The Best in the Biz

The Ink Me Baby Tattoo family has all the best pros in Tel Aviv. Our top tattoo artists are highly sought out for their unique approach and the pleasant experience they create for those getting inked. We’re creative, but also technicians — we’re on point with everything from selection to aftercare. Our artists are all veterans, and we’re excited to ink you!



Color & Neo



Whipping & Color



Black & Lines



Water Color



Black & Lines



Abstract & Cubism

Come on in to learn more. We’re excited to work with you!


Sun - Thu: 11am - 20pm
Friday: 11am - 4pm
Saturday: Closed


Should you be arriving by car, we offer a parking lot with parking for our customers and street parking.

HaRav Yizkhak Yedidya Frenkel 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6608408, Israel


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“Wonderful experience at this studio! Very clean and professional and not at all intimidating. The artists were hugely accommodating and helpful and my artist in particular was friendly and made me feel at ease. Would 100% recommend to anyone interested in getting a unique and creative tattoo.”



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